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Movento Stern celebrates second ‘Charity Evening’ to support the Sant Joan de Déu Paediatric Cancer Centre Barcelona
8 de January de 2024
Movento Stern, the official Mercedes-Benz dealership of the Moventia Group, once again organised a charity dinner for the second consecutive year on Tuesday to altruistically raise money in support of the incredible work being done at the Sant Joan de Déu Paediatric Cancer Centre Barcelona.

• Alongside Moventia, Movento Stern Mercedes-Benz managed to raise more than €40,000, all of which will be donated to the oncology centre at Sant Joan de Déu Hospital in Barcelona.
• Once again, Antonio Orozco provided some entertainment while chef Nandu Jubany was in charge of the menu.
• Over 200 people enjoyed this magical charity event in Terrassa.
• The guests also included such renowned singers as Joan Dausà and Miki Núñez, as well as the presenters Santi Millán and Carles Pérez among other celebrities, to help support this popular charity dinner.

Movento Stern, the official Mercedes-Benz dealership of the Moventia Group, once again organised a charity dinner for the second consecutive year on Tuesday to altruistically raise money in support of the incredible work being done at the Sant Joan de Déu Paediatric Cancer Centre Barcelona.

This year, the company specialising in private mobility gathered around 200 guests for a major charity event aimed at raising money for the Sant Joan de Déu Paediatric Cancer Centre Barcelona at the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital. This ‘Charity Evening’ was made possible thanks to a joint partnership with Moventia, Mercedes-Benz Empresas, Jubany, Cavas Vilarnau, GPU and Movento Stern. It should also be noted that a number of executives from Mercedes-Benz Empresas attended the charity dinner to express their support.

The second charity dinner organised by Movento Stern was officially started by the TV3 presenter, Llucià Ferrer, who also provided some entertainment during the course of the event, which was held this year at the renovated Movento Stern dealership in Terrassa (Avda. del Vallès, 105).

The Catalan singer and official ambassador of Movento Stern, Antonio Orozco, entertained guests with a special performance of the most famous songs from his artistic career. Furthermore, he gave a speech underlining the importance of making donations to such a great social initiative as the Paediatric Cancer Centre Barcelona and thanking Movento Stern for organising the charity event.

Meanwhile, the famous Catalan chef, Nandu Jubany, was in charge of the gastronomy for this magical evening, serving a varied cocktail reception to begin with followed by a characteristic menu for dinner guests at the charity event to enjoy.

As the Charity Evening drew to a close, Nandu Jubany, Antonio Orozco and representatives from Movento Stern, Moventia and Sant Joan de Déu went up on stage to tell everyone how much had been raised for the oncology centre at Sant Joan de Déu Hospital: €40,620. This money will be spent on additional support for the sick children and young people, as well as the family members who accompany them at such a difficult and delicate time in their lives.

The Chairman of Moventia, Miquel Martí, said “I’m glad to see so many familiar faces here again with a commitment to supporting the welfare of children at Sant Joan de Déu Hospital, a global benchmark, facing such unimaginable challenges. The Moventia family is strongly committed to society and that is reflected in its social partnerships with more than 50 different institutions. That desire to help others has been deep-rooted in the DNA of our organisation since it was set up in 1923”.

Miquel Martí Pierre, CEO of Movento, who also attended the charity gala, highlighted the importance of promoting charity projects by saying “We are very glad to have been able to organise this charity event with Movento Stern for a second year and to collaborate with Sant Joan de Déu Hospital”. He went on to say that “It has been a great privilege to have Antonio Orozco with us here this evening and we are grateful for the outstanding charity spirit shown by all our partner companies throughout the region, without which this Charity Evening would not have been possible”.

In turn, the General Manager of Movento Stern, Joaquim Badia, highlighted the charity spirit that could be felt in the air at the dealership throughout the event. “We are very excited to see how the second Movento Stern Charity Evening has garnered such an important position as one of the benchmark charity events of the Christmas season”. He added that “Seeing how the event echoes through the region fills us with gratitude given that we made such an effort to gather people for a great charity event focused on the youngest members of our society. We are enormously grateful for all the support and enthusiasm we have received”.

The General Director of Sant Joan de Déu Hospital, Manel del Castillo, was thrilled by how much was raised. In his speech, he underlined the importance of these altruistic events to the healthcare community. “Being able to count on such support from society is essential to our centre because so many of the projects we undertake at Sant Joan de Déu Hospital are made possible through donations. We are very grateful to Moventia, Movento Stern, Antonio Orozco, Nandu Jubany and all the sponsors and partners of this very special gala for thinking about our brave young children for a second consecutive year”.

Sant Joan de Déu Hospital is one of the European paediatric centres that treats the most patients and is an international benchmark in the treatment of rare childhood diseases, such as childhood cancer. The hospital opened Spain’s first specialised oncology centre on 16 June, the Sant Joan de Déu Paediatric Cancer Centre Barcelona, created entirely from donations. From this charity dinner, the centre receives support from the Moventia Group through Movento Stern.

This oncology centre brings together all the various care services aimed at patients with childhood cancer into one place and also houses spaces focused on research. Its goal is to care for the large volume of patients – more than 400 new cases every year – more effectively and appropriately with a highly qualified team from the Oncology Department of the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital in Barcelona.

The charity gala organised by Movento Stern alongside Moventia has resulted in a financial donation that will increase the funds available to the Sant Joan de Déu Paediatric Cancer Centre Barcelona. This means that the oncology centre for sick children and their families will be able to continue its hard work aimed at improving wellbeing and reducing the side-effects that stem from suffering such a serious disease as childhood cancer.

New installations in Terrassa

This second charity event was held at the Movento Stern Mercedes-Benz dealership, located in Terrassa and transformed for the occasion. These installations recently underwent some innovative renovation work to improve the areas for customers and the vehicle showroom, work that coincided with the celebrations surrounding the centenary of Moventia and its new brand image.

Furthermore, the opportunity provided by the Charity Evening was taken to present two new recent launches by Mercedes-Benz: the E Class model, which offers outstanding elegance, comfort and cutting-edge technology; and the recently arrived CLE Coupé with its sporty design and aerodynamic lines.